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Archive: December 2020

M-19-21 Memorandum and What It Is

Posted on December 09, 2020

The M-19-21 memorandum mandates that all records are created, converted and transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in electronic format by end of 2022. The need, however, does not make the reality any easier to embrace.  Agencies must both find a way to convert legacy records from paper to digital, and put in place processes that ensure all records going forward are created digitally.  Working with constrained budgets, needing to educate personnel, having to develop new processes and choosing the appropriate technology, all contribute to the complexity of achieving this goal by the established deadline.   Read More

Federal Cloud Initiatives for 2012

Posted on April 12, 2012 0 comments

In a talk at FOSE last week, Department of Energy CTO Peter Tseronis said that agencies should do much more than meet the minimum three use cases for Cloud to be identified by the end of the year.  Read More

Gartner says Personal Cloud to replace PC by 2014

Posted on March 21, 2012 0 comments

There is a really good article from Gartner last week which can be found at in which Gartner claims that Personal Cloud will replace PC’s by 2014.  Read More

Is Cloud a cure-all?

Posted on March 16, 2012 0 comments

I recently ran across a customer that wanted to move an application to a public IaaS Cloud. They were convinced that moving their application to the Cloud would solve a bunch of their downtime issues. Now, let’s dismiss for a minute the fact that the customer had no idea what the application was costing them to run as is, what it would cost to run in a public IaaS cloud, or the relative performance of the app in either place. Let’s forget all that for a moment. The real problem here is that the customer thought they could move their existing application architected the same way as in their data center, to the public IaaS Cloud. They had a standard 3-tier application with web servers, application server, and a database server.  Read More

“Which type of Cloud is right for me?”

Posted on March 01, 2012 0 comments

This is a question that I hear almost daily from potential customers. But the question is really an indication that the person asking the question doesn’t understand the paradigm shift that is occurring in IT today. By that I mean that Cloud is just another way of delivering a service that meets a set of business requirements. It is one of the many options that IT needs to evaluate based on the requirements of the business or organizational unit, the promised SLA’s of the service, and the costs of that service.  Read More

TechAmerica Foundation SLG Cloud Commission releases report

Posted on February 16, 2012 0 comments

Today the TechAmerica SLG Cloud Commission (SLG-CC) is releasing their final report on Cloud for State and Local Government. The commission’s goal was to further the adoption of cloud by State and Local governments and to educate them on the benefits of cloud and how to procure it. This commission is a direct followup from the Cloud comission that TechAmerica formed at the request of former CIO Vivek Kundra whose focus was Cloud in the Public Sector. The SLG Cloud Commission will specifically address some of the major roadblocks with cloud access and deployment that are unique to states and localities– including procurement practices – and deliver recommendations for surmounting barriers to cloud in their agencies.  Read More

Cybersecurity continues to be an area of focus in the federal government

Posted on February 08, 2012 0 comments

In spite of enhanced efforts to implement better cyber security, federal agencies continue to succumb to cyber attacks. Cyber attacks targeting federal agencies’ systems and websites, and reports of network security incidents at federal agencies have soared 650 percent during the past half-decade, jeopardizing the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive government information.  Read More

A quick review of the PaaS Cloud

Posted on February 02, 2012 0 comments

I recently created the latest chapter on the book I am writing about Cloud Computing in the Public Sector. It was the chapter I was dreading the most because it was on the PaaS (platform as a service) public cloud. This is perhaps the least understood, and certainly from all indications I have, the least used in the public sector at this time.  Read More

Data Analytics Drives Mission Effectiveness in the Federal Government

Posted on January 25, 2012 0 comments

Although virtually every federal agency collects data, many of these agencies struggle with how to best turn it into useful information, to improve mission performance and effectiveness. Data is scattered across multiple sources and is poorly organized so it is hard for many agencies to make decisions based on that data. It’s really about gathering the massive amount of data, figuring out which data is most useful, and then making it understandable and usable to users whether public or within government. The end goal of data analytics is to be able to obtain a “single version of truth and actionable intelligence” in near real-time from the mounds of data.  Read More

AWS and Security

Posted on January 18, 2012 0 comments

Recently an article came to light about a group of German researchers that found “Massive Security Flaws” in the Amazon Cloud(full article can be found here). This was a well done study that I am familiar with and I am sure the findings are pretty accurate. After all, how many of our users would patch their machines regularly, backup their critical data on a regular basis, and change their passwords on a frequent schedule without us in IT sending them reminders or enforcing some other harsher policy which necessitates that they follow a schedule for these things? A darned few, in my experience.  Read More

Cloud Security in 2012 & Beyond!

Posted on January 10, 2012 0 comments

The year 2012 is upon us and I wanted to shed some light on one of the key technologies the federal government is going to focus on this year – Cloud Computing. At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando in October last year, the analyst firm rolled out its top 10 strategic technologies for 2012. It should come as no surprise that cloud is one of the technologies tapped for top ten. Cloud computing, social media, and mobile solutions also top research firm IDC’s top 10 predictions for the government IT market in 2012. Federal, state, and local governments will spend about $82.4 billion on hardware, software, and IT services in 2012, according to IDC Government Insights, and that investment will align with four key themes: operational efficiency, mobility, smart government, and economic stability.  Read More