Make the most of your time and resources

Jan 02, 2022

John Garritson
Inventory & Logistics Manager


As the saying goes, anything can be accomplished with enough time, resources, and money. While it is rare that government organizations have the luxury of all three, IT departments are still asked to accomplish the impossible. The more typical scenario involves having to apply priority levels to many high priority projects.

The current global supply chain constraints are causing major disruption to virtually all IT projects, and it has become important to acquire equipment when it becomes available.

However, what do you do with the surplus equipment? Where do you store it? How do you get properly configured equipment to your staff, in a timely manner? What seems like a simple solution causes its own set of issues. Having the appropriate resources, and the time to get the equipment where it is needed, can become a strain IT departments.

What to look for

Many organizations state they have the capability of full integration services, but many utilize a third party to fulfill the service. You should look for a company that owns the entire process from ordering, to integration, to the logistics. Having one partner who can provide all these services in house, will ensure that project status is accurate and quick, and that there is greater accountability.

There are many criteria to evaluate when selecting the correct integration services provider. The first question to ask is if they have full control of the integration and distribution process? This goes beyond having a warehouse. It starts with having strategic relationships with the manufacturers, ensuring that in periods when there is short supply, they have access to those limited resources.

The integration provider also needs to have policies and procedures in place that will ensure the success of your project. For example, there needs to be 24-hour security inside and outside the facility, to eliminate internal and external threats. Additionally, certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 will ensure that the processes and procedures your integration provider uses are continually monitored, measured, and improved upon.

Not all facilities are built but same


The integration services provider you select should be able to assist across all your organization’s IT needs. This includes minor integration, like IUID and Asset tagging, software imaging or memory upgrades, to the very complex buildout of a full server rack and Storage System. In all instances, the provider should have secured access, processes that protect your investment, and allow you to remotely access and test their work.

With more than 30 years of integration service experience, our Integration and Distribution Services team can help you reduce your workload, while still driving towards your mission goals. Contact us to discover what we can do to help your organization succeed.