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Server-centric computing model

Desktop virtualization

UNICOM Government's Desktop Virtualization (also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VDI) capability consists of a server-centric computing model that borrows from the traditional thin client model but is designed to give administrators and end users the best of both worlds - the ability to host and centrally manage desktop virtual machines in the data center while giving end users a full PC desktop experience. Desktop virtualization is the use of virtual machines to let multiple network subscribers maintain individualized desktops on a single, centrally located computer or server.

Architectural solution

Application acceleration

UNICOM Government's Application Acceleration/WAN optimization capability is an architectural solution consisting of a set of tools and techniques working together to improve the reliability, performance, and delivery of client applications securely across the agency's network. It is primarily deployed in the data center and helps improve application performance by increasing throughput and decreasing latency by means of techniques such as caching, compression, optimization, and traffic management.

Enterprise-wide availability

Enterprise content management

UNICOM Government's Enterprise Content Management capability consists of e-mail archiving, document management, document imaging, records management, workflow management, web content management, and document-centric collaboration. Content management is critical helping organizations manage important documents and other unstructured information to enable enterprise-wide availability of content.

Carry out your mission

Ruggedized computing

UNICOM Government's Ruggedized Computing capability consists of environmentally hardened specially packaged computing solutions including tactical computing, embedded computing, handheld ultra-mobile computing, and militarized peripheral devices specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh and extreme usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty conditions. UNICOM Government's Ruggedized Computing capabilties enables organizations to successfully operate, collaborate, share information, and carry out their mission in harsh environmental conditions.

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