The Power of SupportNet

Providing agencies a fast and easy means of viewing multi-vendor product and support service data all within a single, secure web portal.

With its user-friendly interface — and vendor neutral design — SupportNet gives agencies instant access to critical information, including customer purchase order numbers, serial numbers, product part numbers, warranty expiration dates, service levels, end-of-service dates and more.

Comprehensive information provided by SupportNet allows agencies to quickly view and evaluate the products and support services they have and what service levels an agency is entitled to receive. SupportNet will also reveal items that were purchased, but not covered by an additional support service.

With SupportNet, agencies have the benefit of:

  • Dedicated service manager who will help oversee and ensure accuracy of data within SupportNet and, where applicable, within OEM systems
  • Ability to proactively manage, aggregate and co-terminate support contracts
  • Receipt of automated renewal notices alerting of upcoming support expirations
  • Submit service change and support requests via a case management feature, making it easy to adjust contract information
  • Ability to run and export reports to assess state of assets and gain visibility into service availability and any coverage gaps

To learn more about UNICOM Government's support and maintenance services, please click here. To contact a representative, call 800-999-4874 or click below to email us.

With UNICOM Government SupportNet, agencies are well equipped to make better decisions about the support needed, decrease downtime and increase productivity, reduce lapse-of-coverage incidents and lower acquisition and administrative costs, and ultimately, improve the return on investment for their IT infrastructure.