Federal intelligence agencies turn to UNICOM Government for the IT solutions and services that drive their missions forward.

 With certified and Top Secret/SCI cleared personnel including engineers and program managers, extensive technical capabilities, and a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 certified Integration & Distribution Center, UNICOM Government offers the resources needed to meet the most critical IT demands.

From improving collaboration to securing infrastructures to increasing supply chain efficiencies while decreasing capital expenditures, UNICOM Government offers a broad range of expertise in:

Turning Legacy Data and Applications into Secure Business Assets

UNICOM Government has worked with various federal government agencies and departments to address regulatory requirements and mandates that are at the core of their business functions. Our teams have assembled solutions to address the challenges of bridging legacy systems to new requirements and technologies. Our solutions have included:

Digital Transformation
Established a process by which large volumes of paper documents are digitized and stored in a secure content management system. This covered several key areas such as understanding the enterprise architecture to formulate a solution that would integrate with the existing infrastructure, developing a process by which to digitize a large volume of documents quickly, properly labeling sensitive documents, and storing the documents in a secure system that can redact, OCR, and provide a chain of custody to manage any changes and view of documents. 

Developed a process by which data was collected, analyzed, and stored for legal purposes. This eDiscovery solution was assembled based on the need to perform evidentiary searches for information within large volumes of electronic data that could span many years, multiple people, and multiple languages. The outcome was a solution that could quickly ingest terabytes of data, software that could perform sophisticated eDiscovery analysis on the data, and finally store it in a secure manner so that it retains a chain of custody that’s accepted in legal settings. 

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