Virtualization: it's changing the fundamental design of how you manage your IT services, from the desktop to the data center.


Whether it's decreasing the number of servers — reducing energy consumption and physical space demands — increasing the deployment of new services, or readying your environment for cloud computing, a UNICOM Government virtualization solution can help you meet user expectations while regaining control over your IT assets.

Transform your data center with virtualization:

  • Consolidate servers
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase IT capacity
  • Add system flexibility
  • Prepare for cloud computing

Gain Control Through Virtualization

By following an industry-recognized Service Engagement Methodology we assess, design, and implement a virtualization solution that meets your desired data center objectives and provides a more agile IT infrastructure. And we offer a host of financial services options that allow you to procure a solution that addresses your mission objectives while meeting your budgetary needs.