Delivering Critical Services with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not the future of IT – it's here today, and growing in reach and importance as government agencies search for cost-effective solutions to their infrastructure challenges.

UNICOM Government has partnered with global leaders in the field to deliver the networked power and efficiency of cloud computing to government agencies. In particular through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we enable agencies to reach into the cloud for resources that can boost capacity or add capabilities without the need to invest in new infrastructure, employees, or software licenses.

Securing the Advantages

The benefits accrued by agencies moving to a cloud environment are numerous – and significant. With cloud computing, agencies enjoy:

  • Scalable computing and storage capacity
  • Rapid self-provisioning computing capabilities
  • Decrease in IT operating costs
  • Reduction in infrastructure maintenance
  • More time for IT staff to devote to mission-critical activities
  • Higher level of service and reliability
  • Less energy consumption

Applying the Cloud Computing Maturity Model

Uniquely, UNICOM Government's Cloud Computing Maturity Model (CCMM) helps agencies build a framework for successful transition to a cloud computing environment by offering practical steps that can facilitate the migration. UNICOM Government has also engineered a secure and controlled cloud environment for customers to pilot applications in the cloud and to evaluate the latest cloud technologies as they become available.

We leverage our long-term experience solving government's complex IT concerns to help agencies implement the service delivery model that best aligns with their mission needs. Incorporating existing IT infrastructure and integrating with best-in-breed cloud innovations, we provide cloud architectures with high levels of performance and overall enterprise security and governance.