Unified communications

Unified communications for improved mission effectiveness.

Comprehensive communication solutions to meet your specific collaboration requirements.

Establishing a proper acoustic environment

Acoustical solutions

Establishing a proper acoustic environment is critical for effectively sharing of thoughts and ideas. As the physical environments for collaboration spaces can vary wildly – from the number of participants, to location of attendees, down to the materials used in construction – our engineers take all of these variables into consideration when customizing audio solutions.

While there are many reasons for bad acoustics, some of the most common are - excessive ambient noise, excessive reverberation time, and detrimental reflections. UGI’s specialized engineers have the capabilities to perform acoustical analysis, acoustical predictions and sound system proof-of-performance measurements to help resolve issues in your acoustical environment.

High-quality engineering services

Technical capabilities

UGI provides high-quality engineering services focused on reliable, customer-driven support that consistently delivers innovative technology and excellent customer service. To consistently deliver systems that exceed our customers’ expectations, our staff and engineers are continuously undergoing technical trainings to ensure they’re knowledgeable about any changes in manufacturers’ equipment or industry standards.

Secure staging facility

Staging and deployment environments

Our integration facility located in Greensboro, NC, provides a secure staging facility from which to deploy systems to customer sites. Our engineers can assemble, rack and stack systems and load software in our facilities prior to deployment. This allows our teams of technicians to ensure all hardware systems function properly, systems are integrated correctly, and the necessary software runs as expected.

Professional engineering and installation

Superior system design

Since no two UCC deployment environments are the same, our professional engineering and installation service provides custom designs. Each project takes into account the space of the environment, in-person and remote audience participants, ambient noise, and the communication and collaboration requirements. At a minimum, UCC designs include A/V diagrams illustrating detailed audio connections, video connections, control system connections, network connections and rack layouts.

Application and design support as needed

Maintenance and warranty

UGI continually services and maintains UCC systems for both Federal civilian agencies and the DoD, as well as state and local governments. We operate the UGI Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) on a 24-by-7 basis, providing Tier I, II and Tier III support to customers, and involving the expertise of equipment manufacturers for application and design support as needed. UGI’s extended warranty agreements include preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, help desk support, and repair of failed components.

System integration services

Turnkey broadcast solutions

UNICOM Government provides system integration services for the design, documentation, installation, and testing of broadcast studios through our wide-range of engineering expertise matched to the requirements – from design to warranty.

Desiging comprehensive solutions

True end-to-end solution

A true end-to-end solution goes beyond building out the broadcast studio environment. While UNICOM’s engineers design comprehensive solutions that integrates cameras, lighting, green rooms, sound proofing, studios and the technology for the analysis, storage, and retrieval of audio and video feeds. We also incorporate physical and cyber security components to keep your content safe and secure. Our solutions combine a variety of biometric components to ensure the right people have access to the studios and the data centers that house your most valuable assets. Additional critical security components involve the implementation of cyber security features that maintain the data encrypted at rest and through transit while not impacting the speed of data retrieval that the business demands.