Data Center

Centrally manage your data center information assets.

Consistent hardware profiles

Server virtualization

UNICOM Government's Server Virtualization capability abstracts IT services from their respective network, storage, and host hardware dependencies and enables multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine, yet remain logically distinct with consistent hardware profiles. Virtualization enables customers to regain control of their data center by decreasing the number of servers, reducing energy consumption for power and cooling, taking up less physical space, and increasing administrative control.

Preparing for recovery

Disaster recovery & business continuity

UNICOM Government's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities are comprised of the infrastructure, processes, policies, and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Single management console

Storage optimization

UNICOM Government's Storage Optimization capability is comprised of centralizing data storage among multiple servers. The objective is to facilitate data backup and archiving for all subscribers in an enterprise, while minimizing the time required to access and store data, simplifying the storage infrastructure, centralizing management, optimizing resource utilization, and lowering operating cost. Storage Optimization provides a common platform to allocate and manage growing demands for data storage and helps reduce administrative effort by establishing a single management console.

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