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Mobile evidence capture solutions that deliver indisputable incident documentation and ensure chain-of-evidence integrity

Comprised of the latest digital video and audio technology, automated wireless upload capability, and a robust evidence management system, UNICOM Government's mobile evidence capture solutions easily scale to an agency's or jurisdiction's fleet size, technology infrastructure, and physical environment.

Federal, state, and local governments face expanding threat levels. DHS, border patrol, first responders, law enforcement, and the intelligence community must collect, record, and save live-incident evidence while they are mobile.

Not only do our mobile evidence capture solutions provide incontrovertible evidence, they help protect law enforcement from false accusations of improper action and also serve as a valuable field training tool. Each solution addresses an organization's enterprise-wide strategy for evidence capture, management, and support by factoring in:

  • In-vehicle cameras, digital video recorders, and microphones
  • Front-end video capture applications
  • Viewing and bookmarking displays
  • Solid-state storage
  • Equipment mounts and external interfaces such as GPS and radar gun triggers
  • Access security, firewalls, and encryption
  • Secure uploads and network access
  • Chain-of-custody reporting tools
  • Complete user and group management
  • System rights, audits, and file security