The Assurance of Support and
Maintenance Services

Our Support and Maintenance Services team offers a comprehensive portfolio of renewable support designed to keep your environment up and running, including options for rapid problem resolution and on-site replacement of parts.

Our team also provides a single point of contact for all your support services needs. Continuing problems can arise from having to deal with dozens, if not hundreds of different support contracts, with just as many expiration dates, service providers, and levels of support. Pinpointing who is accountable for supporting each device, under what coverage, can be difficult and frustrating.

Our proven solution focuses on consolidating support contracts, co-terminating where possible, identifying the proper level of support for each component – and maintaining the information all in one place. Our proactive approach extends the life of your IT assets, and promotes and maintains the technological efficiencies and performance of your infrastructure.

With UNICOM Government Support and Maintenance Services, you can save time and resources by accessing your consolidated support contract information 24/7 through our web portal, at your convenience.

We provide you with the efficient tools to decrease downtime and expense, allowing you to stay focused on your mission.


UNICOM Government's SupportNet is a service, web-enabled portal that gives you live access to comprehensive warranty and maintenance service information in a single database.

SupportNet enables you to:

  • View multi-vendor inventory in a single data management tool
  • Proactively manage, aggregate, and co-terminate support contracts
  • Receive auto renewal and expiration alerts
  • Obtain customized reporting for gap assessments

Learn more about the benefits of SupportNet, visit the SupportNet Page.