Secrets continue circling through firms’ use of cybersecurity

Jan 16, 2015

Information Leak.jpgCybersecurity as a subject is always cloaked in mystery when it isn’t dry and technical. Two recent developments may let some organizations wish that they had a little bit more privacy with regard to their information, while others wish they had more insight into future growth. Understanding how to make use of modern advancement in safety on the technical side of things is difficult for many organizations, but essential. In order to protect themselves and their clients, organizations need to be able to develop the systems necessary to thwart, or at least detect, intrusions on their networks.

Wisconsin may be able to get some inside insight into this process, according to Science Journal. The state of Wisconsin is aiming to lure high-tech security cybersecurity research into the state, potentially elevating the state’s ability to defend its own agencies from attackers. Cloud computing for government groups is an important part of their cybersecurity process, and cloud and other servers are sometimes used in these types of research as ways to deploy tested network security structures. This interest in cybersecurity is nothing new for Wisconsin: Its legislature worked last year to allow Wisconsin University to take contracts for classified work.

SEC results may be broadcast
Continuing on the theme of secrets in the public eye, the Securities and Exchange Commission could release the results of a cybersecurity examination it conducted across financial firms. This could help to inform efforts about oversight, but may also embarrass certain firms that fear that they may not have performed as admirably as they would have hoped. Government agencies are used to being continually screened as to their security measures. Financial firms are used to at least a certain measure of privacy, but those times may be changing. Many groups are currently experiencing issues with malware and other types of network breaches.

For groups that want to stay safe in an increasingly difficult to navigate modern age, there is always cloud computing. By utilizing strong, current approaches to security, cloud computing teams make it easy for entire organizations to get and deliver data faster while helping themselves to perform faster at the same time. By moving their data to tightly monitored spaces, these organizations can make it easier for themselves to deal with the trouble of working with current security systems. The careful development of new, secure foundations is always the most crucial element of working with data.

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