Highest Level of Partner Integration Equals Real-World Solutions for Government

Nov 16, 2012

The age-old expression that it “takes a village” certainly rings true when it comes to providing the most effective solutions for government.  Delivering a complete technology lifecycle has never been more important for government than it is today.  Budgets are reducing with mission requirements staying the same.

This is where the highest level of partner integration is critical to helping government solve real-world problems.  Here are some examples of this in action:

  • MetroCluster from NetApp:  This is a unique solution that combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to deliver continuous data availability at all times.  Data availability, especially in near real-time, has never been more important for government than right now and this solution ensures that data availability is consistent.
  • Data ONTAP in Cluster Mode:  NetApp also provides the ability to enable clusters of data storage pools and move them around based on need and availability.   
  • Cloudera:  For managing big data challenges, Cloudera develops open source software that enables agencies to deal with large packets of data in a more efficient manner.  In addition, the company offers an enterprise-level distribution of itsHadoop platform, which enables organizations to solve big data problems.

What is unique about all three of these examples is that they are built from a vast partner network.  Technologies from companies like HP, Dell Fujitsu, SAP and the like are all fully integrated into these solutions.   By tapping into multi-vendors, these companies can effectively create new and innovation solutions that meet government’s needs.

This is where the power of partnership and the “village” come into play.  The right integrated solutions can create new innovations — like the ones I have highlighted.  But more importantly, these solutions allow government to remain innovative and effective, which is always paramount.