Big Data Analytics in a New Government Budget Reality

Feb 13, 2013

Government agencies are facing the perfect storm when it comes to managing big data.  The amount of data is growing at a mind-numbing pace, while budgets for leveraging these resources is diminishing at the same rate.

With the OMB asking that all agencies reduce their IT budgets by 10 percent – in its FY2014 budget guidance – how will agencies effectively manage the transition to big data?

Fortunately, data analytics, a next-generation of technologies and architectures designed to extract value from very large volumes and varieties of data, is an emerging solution.

By adopting big data analytics, agencies can not only save money, but also improve their mission effectiveness through enhanced decision-making abilities, operational intelligence, increased transparency and the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse.

Federal Computer Week and GTSI are hosting a Technology Leadership Series event on “Big Data Analytics in the New Budget Reality” on February 27, 2013 at the Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C.

Bringing together speakers from across civilian and DoD agencies, as well as top industry data analytics providers including event sponsors Teradata, NetApp and Cisco, this event will provide guidance to senior government leadership on the use of big data to improve mission delivery, efficiency, services and capabilities.

The event will include an overview of successful case studies and implementations in the federal government and demonstrate how traditional and emerging technologies can be used to reduce costs and improve performance.

Stay tuned for more posts about this exciting event and big data in general.  In the meantime, click here to register for the event and we look forward to seeing you on February 27th.