UNICOM Government Ethics Program

Ethics Program Objective

 UNICOM Government maintains a comprehensive ethics program to help ensure that UNICOM Government employees maintain the business honesty and integrity required of a Government contractor and to promote an organizational culture that reinforces ethical behavior and a commitment to compliance. The program also helps ensure that UNICOM Government operates in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and the terms of any contract, and performs due diligence intended to prevent and detect criminal conduct. In addition, the program intends to provide readily available guidance to assist employees in addressing the ethical issues inherent in their decisions and actions. 

Reporting an Ethics or Compliance Concern

UNICOM Government offers several means by which employees, customers and the public can report ethics, fraud, or compliance concerns, complaints, or violations. Anonymous reports may be made through UNICOM Government's hotline, managed by independent provider EthicsPoint, at 866-841-9077 or by clicking here to reach the EthicsPoint website for UNICOM Government. Individuals who do not require anonymity can either send an email by clicking on the link below, or send a letter by U.S Mail, overnight courier or similar deliveries to:

UNICOM Government
Attn: Ethics Officer
15010 Conference Center Drive, Suite 110
Chantilly, VA 20151

A representative of UNICOM Government's Ethics Program will receive the communications and will review the concern, unless the communication is clearly more appropriately addressed by other departments, such as customer service or accounts payable, in which case the communication will be forwarded to the appropriate department.