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Archive: January 2021

Staying Secure in an Always Connected World

Posted on January 29, 2021
Category: Cyber Security

According to a recent Cisco report, the number of connected devices per person worldwide will rise 50% from 2.4 in 2018 to 3.6 by 2023. And, at the same time – as we all well know - the days of a government employee logging on just during traditional business hours, in one building, on one or two devices, is over. People bring the “constantly connected” mindset from their personal lives, to work. This mindset forms the expectations that they will have the ability to access all the information they require – anywhere, anytime. For government security teams, it’s a love-hate relationship. On the upside, there are huge productivity benefits. And new opportunities for insights with the data collected and shared. But, as the volume and the variety of connected devices increases, so do potential cyber vulnerabilities.  Read More

Getting the Hybrid Cloud Right!

Posted on December 20, 2011 0 comments

As many of you may know, I am writing a case study book highlighting some of the great ways that users in the public sector are taking advantage of cloud computing. I hope that this book will help the many of you who are “on the fence” about cloud to see the ways that others are realizing the benefits of cloud and spur you into action! One of the many goals of the book is to clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings about the various cloud options that are available to you today. The book will also address who the major players are for each cloud model and the issues surrounding each of these models, not the least of which is the security issue.  Read More

A Good Definition of Cloud

Posted on November 29, 2011 0 comments

I just read a post on another blog that spoke about the definition of cloud being “an application-centric approach to IT.” I was really floored by how much I think this definition really misses the mark. And that got me thinking. What is a good definition of cloud? As I did my research I came across this article at Cloud Advocates that claims there are 27 different definitions for cloud computing! Yikes! If we are all going to understand cloud and receive maximum benefit from the cloud, shouldn’t we all agree on the same definition? At least that would be a good starting point for further exploration.  Read More

Top Federal Initiatives and Technology Trends for 2012

Posted on November 09, 2011 0 comments

Last week I got an opportunity to attend the Deltek annual FedFocus 2012 conference. There was a panel discussion on the current outlook for federal IT moderated by Chris Dorobek and featuring three folks very familiar to fed IT market watchers: Ray Bjorklund, Chief Knowledge Officer from Deltek; Richard Spires, Chief Information Officer from the Department of Homeland Security; and David Wennergren, Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer at the Department of Defense.  Read More

Adding SPARC to the Cloud

Posted on November 04, 2011 0 comments

I recently attended the annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. As usual there were lots of announcements for new products, new versions of products and — since the SUN acquisition — new chipsets and other hardware releases. But perhaps the biggest of all of those announcements was the one concerning cloud. The announcement was just this: The Release of Oracle Public Cloud. What, you ask? ORACLE is now in the cloud business? Isn’t that just another hardware vendor (like HP, IBM and Dell) announcing they have a cloud to compete with Google, Amazon and the like? Not really. In fact, there are a couple of significant differences. Here is why this is really important to us in the public sector. This cloud runs both SPARC and x86 workloads. This is something that not many other cloud providers can claim. While ORACLE was a little short on details, we do know this much: You will be able to run all of your existing Fusion applications, including CRM and HCM, whether they be SPARC or x86 based workloads.  Read More


New Amazon announcement and the future of government mobility

Posted on November 01, 2011 0 comments

A much heralded, recent new product announcement got (and is getting) a lot of press and speculation. I am talking about the launch of the new Amazon Kindle line. But what is so exciting? After all, the Kindle is just a book reader and is no competition for other devices from Samsung, Cisco and many others, including the one I am writing this entry on, the IPAD. Right?  Read More