Broadcast Studio Solution

Broadcast Studio Solutions

Turnkey Broadcast Solutions

UNICOM Government provides system integration services for the design, documentation, installation, and testing of broadcast studios through our wide-range of engineering expertise matched to the requirements – from design to warranty.

True End-to-End Solution

A true end-to-end solution goes beyond building out the broadcast studio environment. While it is critical for our customers to have a well-designed, engineered, and maintained working environment, there is much more to a complete solution.

Our technical expertise extends beyond the confines of the studio walls. UNICOM’s engineers design solutions for the analysis, storage, and retrieval of audio and video feeds, while incorporating physical and cyber security components to keep your content safe and secure. Our solutions integrate a variety of biometric components to ensure the right people have access to the studios and the data centers that house your most valuable assets. Additional critical security components involve the implementation of cyber security features that maintain the data encrypted at rest and through transit while not impacting the speed of data retrieval that the business demands.