Next generation 911

Calling for help.

June 14, 2017 - 14:00 (EST)

Event details

Duration: 1 hour

Join us on June 14th for a discussion on the next generation of 911 systems (NG911). As technology evolves and our methods of communication are expanding, 911 systems need to keep pace to enable to better serve their constituents.

There are multiple approaches to implementing NG911 systems. The right approach needs to be based on scalability and flexibly. With over 60 years of combined knowledge of the 911 ecosystems, our experts will discuss ways for PSAPs to begin the modernization process by discussing:

  • Communication trends

  • Identify modernization options

  • Identify roadblocks

  • Migration tips

Our discussion will address the needs of:

  • Directors of Emergency Management

  • Chiefs, Lieutenants, Sheriffs, Directors of PSAP

  • PSAP Floor & Shift Managers


Suresh Gursahaney Chief Executive Officer, MicroAutomation

Start: 13:00 End: 14:00