Overcoming IT Skepticism in Era of Mission-Focused Government Technology

Jan 31, 2013

In today’s era of highly efficient and mission-focused government IT, there are some astounding statistics when it comes to success rates of technology projects.

For example, studies have shown that 37 percent to 68 percent of IT projects are destined to fail.   Why is this?

According to a recent Op-Ed in Federal Computer Week, failure to communicate is the number one reason why technology implementations are destined to fail.

One of the key solutions to overcoming these challenges, as highlighted in the FCW Op-Ed, is to build in an iterative communications process that keeps all stakeholders engaged throughout the implementation.

We certainly agree that effective communications is the key to success for any implementation.  Though we would take it one-step further by ensuring that all technologies must meet core agency mission goals.

When technology projects are truly mission-focused, they offer a strategic perspective that permeates through out the entire implementation.  Essentially, this mission-focused mentality is the strategic playbook that everyone can get behind.

This highly focused approach allows agencies to be more effective – much like a successful IT implementation in the business world should always support revenue generation.

In an era of tighter budgets, federal agencies require the right solutions that provide technology management through the entire technology lifecycle with every component supporting mission goals.