Governments should take advantage of hybrid cloud

May 08, 2015

Cloud 8.jpgHybrid cloud technologies are becoming more popular as modes of storing and utilizing data in both the private and public sectors. As federal agencies move toward hosting more data in the cloud, many have implemented a hybrid cloud infrastructure that utilizes both private and public cloud environments for different kinds of data. IDC predicted in 2014 that in 2018, spending on public IT cloud services will reach $127 billion, forecasting that these services will account for more than half of the worldwide growth for software, server and storage spending. Federal, state and local government agencies not only need to understand the potential of hybrid cloud technology – they also need to realize benefits so that they can take proper advantage of what hybrid cloud tech has to offer.

An inherent trait of hybrid cloud is flexibility. There is no longer any need to relearn complex processes when moving data to a new platform. When moving to the cloud, government agencies should seek out a hybrid cloud solution that allows them to integrate their existing infrastructure, instead of agencies needing to completely restructure their processes. GCN notes that hybrid cloud allows this increased flexibility for organizations hosting data, applications and services on different platforms. Agencies don’t have to pick one option for data processing – they have a range of platforms to choose from, and they can opt for whichever works best for the job on a case-by-case basis.

Dynamic workloads and big data are easier to manage
Hybrid cloud technology allows government agencies to keep track of highly changeable or dynamic workloads. For instance, when certain agencies experience spikes in computing demand, hybrid cloud allows a split in processing to access both public and private clouds to better handle the bigger workload, according to TechTarget.

Big data is also a big topic for the public sector. Government operations are coming to use big data to impact how they serve citizens and deal with challenges like rising health care costs and job creation. It’s crucial for agencies to be able to analyze and use big data for its intended purpose. Hybrid cloud technology allows big data to be more easily analyzed and shared across multiple platforms, according to GCN. This helps to streamline workflows and keep things running more smoothly for federal, state and local governments alike.

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