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Jan 15, 2019

Data Security in Government

It is more important than ever for organizations to protect their data and address compliance, without disrupting employee and company productivity. With GDPR, the California Privacy Act, and the Data Protection Act of 2018, organizations now have regulations that mandate how their data is secured.  Every organization must take a serious look at how they are protecting their data and align their data protection and compliance strategy with government mandates.

Dell Data Security, with Mozy, RSA, Absolute, and AirWatch all under one roof, brings together a solution that can protect, control, and monitor data anywhere.  Dell Data Protection Solutions allow you to do the following:

Protect Data in Motion

Dell Data Guardian allows you to protect, control, and monitor your data in motion.  It allows you to protect your data wherever it goes, determine how and when the data is accessed, and control who can access the data. With Dell Data Guardian, you can also monitor data access, activity, and location.

Protect Data at Rest

Dell Encryption Enterprise is a centrally managed solution that allows you to protect your data at rest.  It uses a multi-key approach coupled with complete compliance reporting for flexible data encryption.  It allows you to choose the encryption method that works best for your organization, while maintaining comprehensive protection and a high level of security.

Multi-factor Authentication

RSA SecureID Access provides multi-layer authentication to secure any device in your organization, anywhere, anytime.  It allows employees secure, convenient, and flexible access to data.  It allows organizations to provide the right access, to the right person, at the right time at lighting speed.

Back-up and Restore

Mozy by Dell is a cloud-based secure backup that automatically syncs for seamless recovery of data to support business continuity.  Most critical data resides on desktops or laptops, and Mozy by Dell is the solution to protect that valuable data. It is fast, simple, secure, and flexible to provide a custom solution for your business needs.  It provides complete data protection and control, while allowing your IT department to easily manage policy for backup and recovery. 

To learn how UNICOM Government, teamed with Dell EMC, can help your organization define and implement a data protection policy contact us.  

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