Can you be too secure?

Feb 01, 2015

Security 3.jpgAgencies that are interested in protecting their data must go through a delicate balancing act. While it is important for everyone within an organization to be security conscious and aware, policies that are too limiting can quickly cause a group to lose favor and ultimately harm the functioning of the agency far more than an attack ever would. This may be why, in part, so many groups are looking for tech talent. People with expert skills can light the way for an organization to take a security path that’s sensible without being overbearing. Especially since many agencies are utilizing big data strategies in order to get the maximum value from their centers, it makes sense to find talent that can provide the security necessary to keep a company floating.

Because there are so many businesses on the prowl for people with the technical talent to keep their servers running, the average pay for mid-level cybersecurity talent has ballooned. This may make a difference to any organizations that are interested in looking for a technically minded employee. In the current field, a consultant may be the best bet for an agency that simply doesn’t have pockets deep enough to bankroll a full-time cybersecurity expert. In this case, utilizing big data analytics of the information of the institution before hiring an expert could give them more insight into how the network is used, thereby allowing for a more precise picture of how to solve any leaks that may be occurring.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem
In order to defend a country from attack, everyone needs to be able to pitch in. Unfortunately, security can often come at a cost, and one of those is getting in the way of normal business. It can be very difficult to get a group of people interested in working with an organization that will confiscate cellphones or do other things to protect their data. It is necessary for all of the employees of a given office to work together on keeping attacks from entering a system, according to TechCrunch.

Security must be thought about as a company develops its networks. By including good design of security equipment at every point in the process of creating new servers, an organization can protect itself from being exposed to many attacks. Whether or not that will be enough in the future is up in the air.

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